Monday, September 15, 2014


When conducting a hearing, your goal as arbitrator is largely twofold: to provide the parties with a full opportunity to present their case and to arrive at a fair outcome. Sometimes that can be difficult. The hearing landscape can be dotted with pitfalls that lead to a less-than-optimal experience.

In this 90-minute webinar, arbitrator Raoul E. Drapeau provides a step-by-step approach to conducting the hearing. His unique perspective--honed by 45 years of experience in business management, teaching, lecturing, commercial arbitration, product development, invention and marketing—will provide a solid base of information about arbitration procedures, while explaining the role of the arbitrator. If you are preparing to conduct your first arbitration, or have previously conducted an arbitration hearing and weren’t pleased with how it unfolded or how you handled it, or perhaps with the outcome itself, this webinar is for you.

Register for this program and you can expect to

   * Be guided through the practical aspects of all phases of the arbitration hearing, including the preliminary conference, document exchange, evidence, party management, witnesses, the award, and lots more.
    * Learn how to best manage hearings, exert control over the process, and avoid common pitfalls.
    * Hear best practices for managing preliminary and evidentiary hearings.

Remember, you can’t be too prepared when it comes to managing the arbitration hearing. This webinar will arm you with the knowledge and tools to manage it effectively.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND – New arbitrators and those with minimal hearing experience; ADR professionals who want to hear best practices and effective techniques for having better outcomes.

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