Wednesday, January 22, 2014


In our complex business system, there is an increasing dependence on technology, both for running the business, and in the products that the business produces. 

If the issues in a business dispute are labor-related, then there are arbitrators experienced in that field.  A business wanting the best outcome of the process would naturally make sure that at least one arbitrator sitting on the panel would be knowledgeable about labor matters.

Similarly, if the dispute was about construction where industry techniques and procedures are important, would certainly want an arbitrator who was intimately familiar with construction. 

In both those business cases, having arbitrator(s) with deep experience is only logical to make sure that the issues brought up in an evidentiary hearing are understood by the panel.  This is in fact one of the great advantages over arbitration compared to a courtroom setting where the jury is composed of citizens who may have no understanding or experience in the field.

So it is also logical that in a technology case that the arbitrators also need to be conversant with the technology at issue.

This is my strength - a wide and deep understanding of many technologies gained over my 45 years of business experience, both as an executive and technologist.

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This is the first posting on my new blog.

I have been a commercial arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association for more than 30 years, and am now promoting my services independently of the Association as well.

I will be frequently commenting on technology matters and arbitration of disputes in general, and those involving technology specifically.

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